Heart and Soul is a match making service for discerning singles. We fully understand the importance and the rightful need for privacy when it comes to matters such as these. And hence, we go all out to ensure that you meet like minded people in a comfortable and friendly setting. Our aim is for you to feel free and be at your best during interactions.

Given the modern day need and the profile of our clientele, we go the extra mile to specially curate events that are diverse in nature. We deliberately keep our events a little more private by inviting smaller numbers in order for you to have a meaningful experience. By the end of the evening, you can remember names, recall who you had a meaningful connection with and given that strive to maintain and an almost equal men to women balanced ratios, the whole deal makes it completely worth your while.

Most importantly, apart from the above, we have a screening process to make sure that all our events offer a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where members feel confident about reaching out and forming connections with each other.

We have categorized our events in the following manner:

- Interactive Mixers: specially designed to have fun & ‘break the awkwardness’. A Must do!!

- Niche events curated around the activity of your interest: Do you have a hand for cooking or painting? Perhaps both? Reading or movies and much more. Wouldn’t this be a lot more fun to share it with that someone special. Come Discover!!

- Stimulating Workshops: specially designed & integrated with the sole aim for you to find YOUR-SELF. Come Seek!!