Hi, I am Reemma Dalal, a lot of you would remember me as the co-founder of the erstwhile Mix-n- Mingle. While you enjoyed our Mix-n-Mingle offering, I felt it was time to evolve and to bring to you something with a difference. Just to give you a little background about why I chose to get into the match making arena especially keeping in context the Heart & Soul brand; I believe to be involved with something of this nature, it has to work on two levels: the spirit or let’s say an intent to help people find one and another and secondly, the aptitude, wherewithal & a keen sense of knowing how to put it all together. Also, unlike my previous stint, here we have evolved into first helping you find YOUR-SELF & then consequently helping you find a partner. This is where the real evolution has taken place.

    Experience wise I enjoy bringing people together. I began my journey with the organizing of high profile networking events with the French consulate, Brussels export & the Indo-Italian chamber of commerce. I slowly began realizing I had the flair for being able to connect people for business. As it would happen, I began connecting friends, acquaintances, business colleagues and the sheer unprecedented joy of having created long term value both professionally & personally for a lot of these people had me completely convinced me this is where I belong. As time went by, I specially chose to enter the events & match-making arena as my-self being single my-self, I realized how challenging, daunting & nerve racking for some this aspect of life can be.

I hope you enjoy this space and it brings to you the optimum value & is everything and more that you hoped for.

Best regards

Reemma Dalal


Heart and Soul Events and Matchmaking Service