Virtual Story telling Soiree Event Description

Who doesn't love a good story? We may not remember the facts or names, but it's the stories that stay with us forever! Our emotional connection to stories is very powerful.

We are organizing another unique event; we will be conducting a story telling session with Dr Pavithra Priyadarshoni, who is the founder and director of storytelling app.

After the story telling session, we will also be playing some fun interactive games during which we will break up the chat room. This will help you connect in a group or one on one with likeminded singles whilst sharing your experiences and stories.

Heart and Soul events are about meeting new people. We believe the best relationships start with a respectful friendship as it grows into something special. So don’t be afraid to make new friends!

This Virtual Story telling and dating soirée is open to singles living in India and Abroad. Zoom has brought us closer together, you can log on to the event and mingle with likeminded people from the comfort of your own home.

Zoom details will be sent out a few minutes before the event (to ensure only registrants attend).    They will be sent to the email address you use to register for the event.

Any unauthorized person or any person acting inappropriately during the chat room, or anyone using this as a forum to sell their own services or products will be immediately removed.

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Sunday, 19th September for singles of 25 to 35 and 35 to 50 age group

TIME: 6 to 8: 30 pm


Early Bird rate: 1,500 includes story telling session + interactive games

Regular rate: 1,700 includes story telling session + interactive games

  • Early bird rates apply –if payments are made before 12th September
  • Regular Rates apply—if payments are made 12th September onwards

Please note – All payments need to be realized BEFORE the commencement of the event – by 19th September. No walk-ins or payments at the gate will be entertained.


Zoom details revealed post screening process

Smart Casual

Register by 5th September Make your payment by 8th September at the latest so we have an idea about the number of people who will be joining the event and we can prepare for the Game night event in advance.

All new attendees are required to fill out the registration form and undergo a brief phone interview.  The zoom call details will be disclosed post successfully undergoing the screening process.

Please email us to register.

Past attendees do not need to undergo the screening process.

About Heart and Soul

HEART & SOUL EVENTS is a unique space where we first help you to seek yourself, yes seek, for you never really were lost in the first place. Once you truly seek yourself, a partner now becomes a joy, instead of a complication. Now, you don’t go looking for that Special Someone, you just make it special. Get the DIFFERENCE? 


  • Interactive Virtual Mixers: specially designed to have fun & ‘break the awkwardness’. A Must do!!
  • Niche events curated around the activity of your interest: Do you have a hand for cooking or painting? Perhaps both? Reading or movies and much more. Wouldn’t this be a lot more fun to share it with that someone special. Come Discover!!
  • Stimulating Workshops: specially designed & integrated with the sole aim for you to find YOUR-SELF. Come Seek!!
  • One on one Match Making Service: Once we help you find your-self, now we take it a step further and assist you in finding your proverbial ‘princess’ or ‘knight’ not in shining armor.

About our Events:

We have now moved our events online to zoom and you can mingle and interact with other members in the comfort of your home.

Our events are usually at a convenient for working professionals- 6 pm to 8pm.

Let the fun begin!

1. You will be greeted by a host who will welcome you to the event.

2. Everyone will have a chance to introduce themselves.

3. There will be icebreaker games and get to know you questions to give participants the chance to find out more about each other.

4. We will break up the chat room during the wine games so that you can connect and bond with all members in chat room.


What do you need?

A laptop, tablet, or a smartphone with a camera.

We advise participants to use their laptop for the event for a better and smoother, user experience.

You’ll need to download the Zoom app, please do this prior to the event.

And yes, you have to have your camera on during the event!

Don’t forget to bring a drink of your choice along to the event; you’ll need it to partake in the games on the night!

Get camera ready to virtually network, form meaningful connections and have fun!

*Remember, don’t delay registering as we have a limited number for each event.*


Heart and Soul Privacy Policy

Heart and Soul works hard to ensure the security of your information. Once it comes into its possession, reasonable steps will be taken to protect and secure this information.

Heart and Soul maintains a database of customer information in order to promote its site and product and service offerings. This is used for email. The Company may, from time to time, provide you with information about our products and services that we think will interest you.

Terms and Conditions

    • If you are not on the guest list, zoom details will not be shared with you. This event starts at 6:00 pm and ends at 8:00 pm. We request you to come on zoom call on time so that you have a chance to introduce yourself and to get to know everyone on the call.
    • You must be legally single & NOT in a relationship to join our events.
    • At the registration desk, you will need to register
    •  The full payment of Rs. 1,500/- will be collected in advance before the event.
    • We try our best to maintain a balanced ratio of men and women, and request you to inform us in case you have a change of plans.
    • Please be respectful of everyone in the chat room. We suggest exchanging email/Facebook IDs before phone numbers.
    • If someone asks us for your contact information after the event, we will share your email ID with them unless you’ve specifically asked us not to.
    • Please refrain from using the events to promote your business.
    • The fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be used for a future event.
    • No shows” will not be tolerated. Failure to attend an event without prior notice (48 hours), or a courtesy message, may result in a strike, or suspended membership. Event tickets are limited and committing a “no show” leads to disappointment for the rest of the attendees who were looking forward to meeting you. In addition, another member could have attended the event in your place. A courtesy phone call or SMS is requested if your plans change last minute.


  • The Total Fee is Non-Refundable & Non-Negotiable.
  • The fees are uniform for ALL. No special requests will be entertained.
  • The service has been designed as an offering to be able to provide you with a holistic experience. Should you wish to not avail of a particular component of the offering, there will be no reduction in fees.
  • Heart & Soul will not be held responsible for any false or misleading   information provided by members. Any member intentionally providing false or misleading information will be banned from further participation.
  • Heart & Soul is not responsible for what takes place outside of the events or 1-on-1 meetings.
  • Our familiarity with our members is limited to information provided on the registration form, and our brief interactions with them, and are by no means character references.
  • We encourage members to take the time to get to know each other before making any commitment.
      • If you have a complaint about the behavior of our members during events or 1-on-1 meetings, we encourage you to inform one of our team members.
  • Strict Action will taken against members indulging in the following activities once the party gets over -
     - Posting hurtful, nasty or humiliating rumors or comments about an individual on Social Media and Internet
    -  Publishing an embarrassing or nasty photo or video on Social Media and Internet
     - Creating a fake or nasty webpage/ Whatsapp group/ Social media forum / Face book Group about  another individual
    -  Faking an identity online to ask for or post personal or fake information about someone


Intellectual Property


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